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Art Installations

Intelligent Fans

We did an installation for the art show at the Computational Aesthetics conference in Victoria, BC, May 2009. We suspended a 12V fan designed for use inside cars (plugged into a lighter receptical). Motion Swarm widgets gave participants control of the fan speed as well as a rudder attached to the back of the fan. With a little practice, you could really get the fans swinging.

Other displays in the installation show images interacting with the motion of the fan. One uses motion swarms, while the other uses a recycled Swarm Art display.

Surveillance Art

In 2006 we did an installation in Victoria for the Vancouver Island Art Symposium. It was a combination installation/proof-of-concept for commercialization of motion swarm interaction for digital signage. We called it Surveillance Art because it combined elements of video surveillance with interactive art.

It was a challenge for us. The location was in the Victoria Conference Centre in some unused street-front retail space. Retailers were not doing well and so we had a chance to see if Surveillance Art could attract people from the sidewalk to the display windows.

Lighting was difficult since we had almost direct sun onto the LCD monitors for much of the day. At night, the installation lit up.

Swarm Art

Swarm Art 2003

Our second Swarm Art installation in 2003 had a different look to it.

Swarm Art 2002

This was the first interactive Swarm Art installation done by Jerry Hushlak, Christian Jacob, and me. It was shown in the Nickle Art Gallery in 2002. The video on the right shows me playing with the installation in the lab before we moved it into the gallery.

Download the mpeg file

Demo Video

This is a demo video we did for some of our Swarm Art Installations.

Download the mp4 file. (50.2 MB)

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