B.Sc. (1974) Warwick University, England
Ph.D. (1979) Leeds University, England
Present Position
Professor, Department of Computer Science
Key Words:
Distributive categories, extensive categories, linearly distributive categories;
          Restriction categories, Turing categories, differential categories, tangent categories;
Categorical proof theory, semantics of computation, semantics of concurrency;
          Categorical programming, quantum programming, differential programming.


Calgary Category Theory Group! Some recent talks:


I am a concerned Scientist. 
I do not believe that economic growth is more important than sustaining our global environment.
I do believe that Alberta's continued development of the tar sands is deeply and morally wrong.
I am deeply concerned about the lack of Scientific oversight in the governance of Alberta ... and Canada.

The National Energy Board (NEB) gives the Northern Gateway a conditional go ahead ... BUT what were those probability calculations? ... and where are our morals?
For doubters: has global warming just stopped?  Well maybe not quite yet!  Watch this (old news) and then this (more recent news)!
Greta Thunberg on the climate emergency "How dare you!" (here).